Wine Lovers Be Amazed Tonight!

Explore The Educational World of Wine with Potomac Point Winery!

Do you and yours enjoy Wine?

Me and my wife love a good Moscato.

She more than I, lol

I am more of a Red Merlot kind of guy.

If you all are grape about wine….🥰🍷😍

Then this educational experience I share with you could be the icebreaker to future interesting and intellectual discussions with others about all things wine.

Skip Causey and the team at Potomac Point Winery will be having a Wine Exploration course at the University of Mary Washington in the Burg.

At this two-day (March 20-21, 6-8:30 pm) course you will be able to:

Explain proper wine storage and presentation

  • Discuss how grape vines grow and the process of making wine

  • Navigate a wine list

  • Understand Terroir

  • Experience a wine sensory class

  • Use an Aroma Wheel to understand what fruits are sensed and why.

Ready to deepen your appreciation and knowledge of wine?

We welcome you to Join Skip Causey and the Potomac Point Winery team on this opportunity to unlock the secrets of wine storage, grape cultivation, and sensory experiences.

Get your reservations today and embark on a journey of wine discovery by clicking here!

See you around!

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